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welcome to magpie cookshop. we make good things for your sustainable kitchen. made in the USA.

Twill Apron

Twill Apron

$ 85.00

We love to cook but we don't like to muss our clothes in the process. So we created this elegant and sturdy apron to help your clothes stay clean when the flour is flying and the tomato sauce is splashing. It’s equipped with two deep pockets, a generously sized strap that loops behind the neck, and durable twill apron strings like the ones used on restaurant industry aprons.

The Twill Apron has clean lines and comes in two appealing colors: Indigo and Charcoal. 

The Twill Apron comes in one size and measures 30" in width at its widest and 30" in length. 

Made in the USA

Indigo or Charcoal  

77% Sustainable Hemp, 23% Recycled Polyester

Hand wash or machine wash in cold or warm water with like colors
Tumble dry low or line dry