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13 Nov '14

Washington Post: Five local vendors to check out at the Emporiyum

Posted by Sabahat Chaudhary

The Emporiyum marks the debut of this collaboration between New York-based cookbook author Louisa Shafia and Washington lawyer Sabahat Chaudhary. The two have designed a “line of sustainable and fashionable kitchen textiles,” Shafia says, including an apron, tea towel, produce bags and food-preserver bowl toppers. The textiles are colored with natural dyes; materials include a cotton-hemp blend and recycled polyester blend. The products are handmade in Washington and, other than at the Emporiyum, are available only online for now. The pair hopes to expand with a pop-up or brick-and-mortar store, and partner with shops in New York and Washington to carry their products.

Farmers market produce bags from Magpie Cookshop. (Courtesy Lauren Volo Photography)

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